Persona Au Gratin EP

by Stiff Middle Fingers

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"Persona Au Gratin" will be on our 2nd full-length album, out in 2017. The other two songs are covers which we play at shows pretty often.

As always, all was recorded and mastered at Rundown Studios in Topeka, KS by our heroic drummer George.


released November 4, 2016

TurdKing: Vocals
Barry: Guitars
"Solamente" Doug: Bass
George: Drums

"Persona Au Gratin" by Arey/Griffin/Hawk/Swenson/Valyer
"Animal" by Anti-Nowhere League
"Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag



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Stiff Middle Fingers Lawrence, Kansas


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Track Name: Persona Au Gratin
go fuck yourself
fuck off and die
please get FUCKED
look me in the eye I CAN'T
stand this place
and with you around it makes me wish that i could be
six full feet
ANYTHING not to hear the sound
of all the lies pouring in my ear
you've been here a minute BUT IT FEELS LIKE 10 YEARS
what more can i do?
what more can i say?
im either gonna blow the fuck up or you're gonna go the FUCK AWAY!

the bitter taste
everytime i have to see your face
makes me wish that i could just erase
every trace of you from this place

you gotta admit
you're a piece of shit
just a loud fucking mouth
begging to be hit
i want to oblige, cut you down to size
in your mind you're cannonized but out here we're just terrorized
your reign needs to end
some ties never mend
and now i see
i realize
that you were never REALLY MY FRIEND!

such a waste
all the hours that can't be replaced
fighting an emotional arms race
why can't i just get some FUCKING SPACE?
get the fuck out of my FACE!