Songs About Sucking

by Stiff Middle Fingers

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recorded and mixed by george at rundown studios in topeka, ks
mastered by paul schneider
layout by hawks
logo by value shock

special, enormous thanks to george for the work he put into this record. no way could we have done this without you, buddaye. thank you!

big thanks to heeeps, franklin & kelly & all at love garden, leslie & lfk press, quinton & kjhk, britt & vandals, replay lounge, radkey, red kate, the bad ideas, the rackatees, sedlec ossuary, smash the state, deco auto, and all the lfk, t-town and kc punx.


released September 23, 2014

all songs written and performed by stiff middle fingers

turd king travis - vocals
hawks - guitar
barry - bass
george - drums



all rights reserved


Stiff Middle Fingers Lawrence, Kansas


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Track Name: Common Cents
I thought that id be making a change, but now im just making change
Living my life for a dollar bill, spending time without the thrills
This everyday nightmare is fucking intense
Im hustling for that dollar but have no common cents!

The only change ive ever found is when i see a penny on the fucking ground
Now that im old i dont waste my time picking that shit up unless its a dime
I never wanted to turn out anything like my parents
But now im hustlin for that dollar and have no common cents!

I never wanted to turn out this way but i gotta pay my rent!
Im losing all my hard earned dollars and questioning if i ever had any common cents!
Track Name: Have Not
And i waste so much time self hating, its just mentally masturbating, jerking off and ruminating, never expecting reciprocating so ill just spend my time here waiting!...for you to never ask!

Maybe in another life
Track Name: Anti-Matter
I think im blind, cant see the line, its all the same inside my mind
It all blurs together in a problematic haze
I cant keep pace with my own head, mind moving so fast it must want me dead
Working so hard to smile i should get a fucking raise

When you look at your wallet and you dont see much
Cause youve burned every motherfucking cent youve ever touched
Clinging to your honor like a junkie on a crutch

I think im dead...on the inside...i got no more...reason to hide
I gave it all...away for emotional...lobotomy!
So stay the course youre doing great! Fuck or get fucked! Dont hesitate!
Track Name: Munky and Head's Day Out

When i think of all the times you came around, asking me for things that cant be found, i get lost in the things that you have said in days that now have passed!

Like the time you told me to get lost, and the time you told me to fuck off and i wonder why i ever made a pact to always watch your back

You've kicked me in the ass so many times, ive walked over fields of mines for you left me a nervous wreck but your names still in my rolodex, why do you think i don't phone? You cant shut up about how you're all alone and i cant talk to you

So buy a new life and kill me with it cause you never try it on unless you know its gonna fit and i'm not really sure you're gonna fit my life right now

So don't bother to step on my front porch,
and don't bother to knock on my front door
and don't bother to call me on your phone cause i wont answer it.

I'm feeling sorta free all of a sudden, broke the bars on the cage you made, built a new life with you in it, hope its something i can exchange. You never liked the things i did or anything i said to you and now you're gonna pay.
Track Name: Bitchlicker
This spazzy bitch wont let me be, shes always fucking begging me
Bringing me her dirty toys, playing rough with all the boys!
Licking me til i fucking snap, her head in everybodys lap
Trying to bully me with her tongue but shes pushed me around for way too long!

Cant you see i want to read, whats filling you with this inhuman need
Youve got a face any an would trust but behind the mask an insatiable ball lust
A true psycho bitch she always wants me at home, if you try to ignore her shell never leave you alone
Track Name: Groundhog Day
Get the fuck up! Before you get type 2 diabetes!
You reap what you sow thats just the way it goes! FULL CIRCLE!
Track Name: Marathon Man
And i wonder! Whyd we ever even come down from the trees? If hampsters in a wheel is all we were really meant to be?
(Running for nothing!) seems like hell to me!
(Running forver!) seemes pretty fucked to me!

This towns a graveyard full of exfriends, bill collectors on my phone
But its fucking hard to squeeze blood or money from a heart thats turned to stone
And i think! Will i ever get to have a say? Or is this my life? Indentured servitude day after day after day?
(Running for nothing!) a chance to get away!
(running forver!) cause im fucked if i stay, and im not gonna stay! No way!
But im done with giving up, sinking to depressive deeps
No more mister nice guy now im playing the game and im playing for keeps!
Nothing! Is gonna stop me now! Nothing! Is gonna stop me again! FUCK
Track Name: Fake
Define yourself by what you wear, your dumb tattoos your stupid hair
Your vapid smile, ugly strut, empty shell, social slut
YOURE FAKE fake etc

Maybe youre blind to what you lose, staying dumb with drugs and booze
Tolerated, cant comprehend, when you hate yourself you cant make friends YOURE FAKE!
Youre fake youre fake youre counterfeit
And im glad i dont have to take your shit anymore

Youre fake youre fake youre fake as fuck
And im glad that im not fucking stuck here anymore
This is the way the wold ends x3 BOO FUCKING HOO
Track Name: Big Sleep
When its late and im awake, watching tv or getting baked, all i want to do is to go to bed...and quiet the voices in my head!
But i know when i wake up this sick place will still be fucked so i put the world on a permanent snooze
Its not like i got fuck all to lose!

When all you bring is misery, its not very hard to see that you should be cast off replaced
When the only thing that you do well is make everyone feel like theyre in hell!

Spring is on the horizon...but then itll just be winter again!

No one will notice at all, i cant rememeber the last time i got a phone call
As the saying goes if youre bored with life youre boring, when the going gets crazy...the sane get going!
Whats the fucking point of making friends when they all just leave you in the end?
Et tu, jiminy? Stabbed by my conscience, sayonara suckers, im staying unconcscious!
Track Name: On the Watch List
Well no matter if youre a warlord or just a fucking pacifist, theyre gonna find some dirt on you and kick your fucking ass with it’s the lesson and learn it well! A place for everything EVERYTHING in its place and thats a blacksite cell!

ASK QUESTIONS! (on the watchlist)
PROMOTE DIVERSITY! (on the watchlist)

But we all know, that shits gotta go. Its out dated, its archaic and everytime i hear you whine it reminds me winter is fucking nigh and im gonna laugh until i cry as i watch all you dinosaurs fucking DIE! But for now!...

On the watchlist, on the watchlist WERE ALL ON THE WATCHLIST NOW!
Track Name: Redacted
Fuck your wit! It dont amount to shit and fuck! Your! Soul! I bet its used to it but most of all FUCK YOU! The little abortion that got away, the best part of you ran down your mommys leg

CAUSE I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! and i refuse to sit by and watch as you screw up all i was unfortunate enough to care about, i want to go back in time and force your dad to pull out!

You must be thinking that im taking a fucking PISS,
but i couldnt be more seriOUS,
and i know that you wouldnt even be missed
because you would have never existed

But i dont have a deloreON
and i cant make the earth reverse its rotaTION
like chris reeves did in superman the first one
i know its over the top...but i just need you to fucking stop!

I hate everything you do! And i would risk the chance to go back and screw up history just to take you out of it! And just in case youre still too dumb to get it!

Track Name: I'm Done
Done! Im done! Its no fun being under the gun so im done! A million more under the sun, fighting a battle that will never be won so im done! Im done! Sweet fancy FUCKING moses im so done!

Its a waste of my fucking life, id rather get fucked with a rusty knife than have to live that mistake ever again! Hard lessons learned but i wish id known then that i was digging my grave with plans to sleep in, losing all sight of the situation! Made my bed of nails, tucked myself in, a war of words that ill never win but i can see right through your shit eating grin and its NEVER GONNA FUCKING HAPPEN AGAIN CAUSE IM DONE!
Im done!

The end